Thursday, February 10, 2005

Road Trip, February 2005

All the photos below are from the great road trip of February 2005 that my friend Daryl and I took over the course of a week, encompassing roughly the route you see here. We started at my parents in Pitchcombe, travelled the Cotwolds the next day and stayed in Cheltenham with my friend Ben the next night. Then up through Wales to stay with my grandparents in Llandudno, across to Liverpool for a night, then to the Lake District. After a bit of sight-seeing the next day we hurtled up to Edinburgh where we stayed with my friend Zanna and her housemates for two nights. And then finally I flew back to London from Glasgow and Daryl stayed to do a three day tour of the highlands.

Day 0 of the road trip. Greasy faced and eating Yorkshire pudding at my parents house

Having a drink in a local pub with my folks...

Day 1. Photo call before we set off. My parents....

We're about to see the entire Cotswolds in a day. In an hour's time we will spill a huge cup of milky coffee all over the car which will slowly go off and make the car smell something like Elizabethan England. Please ignore Daryl's hoodie. He's culturally confused: Australian/ Japanese/ English. Doesn't know any better.

Bourton On The Water.

Lost in the maze at Bourton.

Near Broadway (Cotswolds)

Anne Hathaways house in Stratford Upon Avon...

Shakespeare's grave is somewhere in there. Was closed by the time we got there.

Ah, what a day to visit Stratford...

I don't know...

Smiling in bemusement at Daryl's question: "Did Shakespeare drink coffee here?"

Okay, so end of Day 1, staying in Cheltenham with my oldest friend, Ben. Clearly over-tired and showing off.

Daryl's frustration at not being able to see a Shakespeare play get the better of him.

Day 2. Over the severn bridge, all the way up through Wales. First greasy cafe in the country. Daryl's first experience with black pudding. Who's the guy in the picture behind?

Beautiful, but terrifying mist eating all in its path.

Having conquered the Brecon Beacons.


Beginning of day 3,at the house of my Grandparents in Llandudno. Yes, this road trip is on the cheap.


Conwy Castle...

Being randomly filmed by the BBC as I try not to let anyone see me on the Magical Mystery Tour Bus of Liverpool.

Lost in Liverpool.

I have no idea where we are right now.

The only photo from a big night out on Liverpool, where we narrowly escaped an actual riot by ducking into a club where they were playing a lot of Wham.

Day 4, leaving Liverpool feeling tired and emotional.

Mixed feelings.

Day 5. Lake District.

The mist is still after us...

Beautiful lakes...

We arrive in Edinburgh, meet Zanna and start dancing. Notice us both trying unsuccessfully to fight our natural urges to point when dancing.

Really, I was just chatting. It was loud in there...

Taxi back having been to loud night run by "nuclear puppy" at some club. At this point, completely deaf.

Zanna's housemate, Claire Penney.

Day 6. Wish I'd listened because then I'd know what this was.

Posing at the top of Arthur's seat.


At this point it's so windy that I've developed a pained expression. Damn the others seem happy.

Zanna by a stormtrooper.

Greyfriars Bobby.

Day 7 Daryl doing what had to be done in Glasgow.

Looking at the photos before I head off back home the next day and Daryl continues with a coach tour of the highlands. Totally staged shot. Actually taken two days before, but wraps things up neatly don't you think?

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