Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Do you have any claims to fame?

My claim to fame is that I met Sachin Tendulkar. He came over to my parents' house. By a quirk of fate he's related to a friend of theirs.

For those not excited by this, this is how famous Tendulkar is:

"Sachin's fame in his own country is such that he is virtually a prisoner in his own home with his appearances in public causing near-riots amongst fevered fans. He is known to take his car for late-night drives around the city as one of the few chances to escape the protective bubble in which he is forced to exist. Sachin is married to his childhood friend Dr. Anjali. He has a five year old daughter Sara and a son Arjun, who is three.

Perhaps the biggest reminder of his fame, Sachin was recently made a textbook lesson in Indian schools so that children can draw inspiration from his achievements."

I would love to be made a textbook lesson. I shall make it my aim....

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