Friday, February 17, 2006

I woke up with a headache thismorning ...

... after going to bed too late because I was chatting on a messageboard. How did life come to this? If only I was so social in real life I would be seriously cool. As it is I'm just unseriously cool.

Anyway, I finally forced myself out of bed and threw on the same clothes as yesterday, left the house (notice the lack of washing that goes on, euch) I knew I was probably too late to catch the train I needed too, so I didn't rush too much, stopped in at Sainsbury's on the way and bought a Red Bull and the Guardian.

It was mostly pretty dull, but this article was quite interesting.,,1711859,00.html

So unconcious decision are the best ones? That's great news, because when I think about anything too much, I definitely tend to make the wrong decisions ie. my conscious mind says don't do that! So I'm going with my instincts and just posting this and we'll see what happens. Don't listen to the conscious voice that says no.

It's hard because sometimes I find it a bit difficult to know what my unconscious mind is saying, sometimes I listen for hours and all I hear is a muffled cry that sounds like it might be saying 'chocolate'. but I'll listen harder in future. Less thought, more action. Maybe more chocolate.

Now, could someone give me a suggestion of a quick way to get rid of a headache caused by bad sleep patterns without painkillers? I'd be happy to take painkillers, but I don't have any.

Also, today I'm mostly interested in finding out about these things. If anyone wants to tell me anything that they know about them, that would be great.

1 - Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library - I bought this on the recommendation of my friend Jon. It's cheap on Amazon and it's great, but there's so much in it. As Jon said though, it might make my head explode.

2 - "Mikel Rouse's talk-show opera Dennis Cleveland, which at times sounds like a cross between Talking Heads and the Wu Tang Clan but was released on CD by New World Records and presented last year by Lincoln Center's Great Performers Series." I like the sound of this (but I've never heard the sound of this)

3. Slightly random googling led me to Marcia Pelletiere, who did an album called Little Noises. I haven't heard it yet, will I love it? I might.

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