Friday, May 26, 2006


Red has tagged me, which apparently means I fill this in, but I'm not signing anything. I should tag other people really, but I won't. The buck stops right here.

I AM: Thinking about this too much
I WANT: to not worry so much about what I put, but I probably will
I HATE: Papercuts. I really do.
I MISS: the boat quite regularly. Wasn't everyone doing this tag last week?
I FEAR: people I love falling off high things
I HEAR: that six line reviews is the next big thing. Did you hear that?
I WONDER: if it took everyone else as long to do this.
I REGRET: I really don't think I do regret anything. Which is weird.
I AM NOT: always confident, but sometimes I am. I am vague.
I DANCE: on my own because when I do it in public it looks different.
I SING: catchy lyrics again and again until I lose friends
I SEE: A Blue Moon Risin' I see... shit, my friends aren't going to be happy about this.
I CRY: Never, but sometimes my eyes start leaking, which looks like crying
I AM NOT ALWAYS: the first to take a hint
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: words appear on screens generally
I WRITE: short stories, but not as much as I want to, which I have no excuse for either.
I CONFUSE: not that easily I don't think, but I say, "wait I'm confused" alot. Colombo used a similar tactic.
I NEED: nothing I'll admit too, I want lots of things.
I SHOULD: Get my act together
I START: alot more than I finish.


  1. Love the shameless plugging of SLR! And sorry if I made your last few days hell with this hanging over you. Friends again?

  2. Definitely. Actually I quite enjoyed writing it in the end...!